Our Apathy Shall Be Our Epitaph..

Today, I hang my head in shame..

As a mother, my heart breaks and I weep .. my soul aches in despair for the mothers who have lost their precious children. There is no moral justification nor redemption from such obdurate and inexcusable actions, amongst the pleas of compassion, that were executed within the shadows of darkness.. under the guise of political judicature.

Such shame we all bear as a collective tribe.. when we relinquish and deny the nexus of our own humanity and take the stance of dispassionate apathy, we are dying and there is nothing left but to hope for our salvation and perchance, some forebearance of mercy..

Mother's Sorrow


The Dept Of Transport and all things Nefariously Arbitrary..

Nice work Dept of Transport : Here I was, driving around for the past 2 months, because I could  (I finally have my driver’s licence back! Yeah, it’s been a while) – And I did so, because I was told by The Department of Transport that I was ‘legal’ now – and they happily renewed my licence.  Alas, I was oblivious to the insidious bureaucratic revenue raising nature that governs our roads, social activities and life in general! 

 In 03/2013, I didn’t vote – for whomever doing whatever in the state election : ergo – I was fined for failing to vote –  (NB: Meaning of the word Democracy : A government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system).  

I digress…  

When said fine wasn’t paid – it automatically and magically attached itself to my Driver’s Licence, which was promptly SUSPENDED for non-payment of a fine – not one for driving offences or deliberate non-renewal of licence or registration for a vehicle to be driven.  Nope.  My Driver’s Licence was Suspended for not voting!  I may be utterly obtuse with a retarded thought process.. but for me, Voting is so far removed from the activity of driving my car that I can’t even pretend to understand the premise in which they expect me to assimilate this convergence, without question. Maybe it’s just my recalcitrant nature, lack of imagination and/or the ability to deliberate before coming to a conclusion.  *slow blinks* 

In saying all this, my real angst is far more disturbing to my cynical nature : I found out that my licence has been suspended by random chance – checking something for my Mother, I was bored and decided to check the status of everyone’s driver’s licence (including mine).  To my knowledge, I have not received any notification, in anyway whatsoever, that my licence was about to be/has been suspended – notification would seem prudent in avoiding the potential risk of driving under suspension – which incurs (shockingly enough) a very large FINE, loss of demerit points and possible incarceration!

I do realise that the onus is put on the driver; it is our responsibility to be informed if we are legally allowed to drive –  but as I had no idea that non-payment of a fine for non-driving related transgressions   i.e  not purchasing  an appropriate Transperth Bus/Train ticket;  unpaid Parking infringements;  Non payment of a fine for failure to Vote – which by the way, in this country, is quintessentially UNdemocratic  in its very nature of FORCED involvement:  herded like sheep into pens to vote for a bunch of bland, overpaid, self serving and over-entitled politicians, who seem to forget they are technically just PUBLIC SERVANTS, paid by OUR taxes; Yet, they tend to do whatever they feel promotes  their political aspirations/pay cheques etc.,  irrespective of the general public  desires and ultimate outrage – in this so-called Democracy we placate ourselves into believing actually works! *blank stare and one really slow blink*  

CONCLUSION:  I don’t really have one.  I’m just really pissed off.. and until the major parties offer up ‘Leaders’ with some discerning quality that defines them from the mish-mash we’ve been forced to suffer.. I shall not be voting next time either.. well, not in the conservative and expected manner at least..  I’ve been known to leave somewhat random annotates whenever I’m left unsupervised for any length of time with a pen in my hand and a bad attitude! *nods vigorously* 


The Separation…. 27 June 2013

Deni and Von

Deni and Von

Eulogy to my Twin, Deni. 

I am 1 of 2..


I never needed a mirror to see my reflection; I only had to look into your eyes to see myself.

I have shared every moment of my life with you;

Every birthday, every joy and every sadness – we shared together.    I could feel you without seeing you and I have felt your pain, as you felt mine; I shared your sadness and your joys.. as deeply as if it were my own.

And those times when neither of us needed to say a word to know what the other was thinking.. just a look; or a smile. And  when I needed my best friend, you were always there to console me, lift me up with your quirky humour and hold my hand when words were simply not enough.

You have taught me how to stand strong in the face of great adversity.  How to live life even when life itself was under threat.  You showed me what true courage is.. and how love can surpass every heartache and disappointment.

You fought this battle with unwavering conviction for 2 very important reasons..  your beautiful babies, Kate and Eryn.  And you fought long and hard .. proving so many wrong. Because you are the Princess Warrior… The Goddess of Minorities – you rarely did the predictable.. we knew that when you shaved your head at 16!

You are artistic, creative, quirky and a dreamer.  Compassionate and nurturing; you always put others first. You loved Flowers and animals and bonfires that burned for days.. and brought sunshine and laughter to everyone you met. You held out your hand to anyone in need; and cherished your family and friends with a passion.

Whacky and outgoing, You were the Adorable Floss… You believed in fairies.. which is cute, but weird..  and You saw the good in people .. even if you had to squint really really hard.

You have left an indelible imprint on all our lives..  with memories that will never fade or be forgotten. 

 I will miss you with every breath I take..

With every sunrise and sunset;

With every rainbow and thunder storm;

I will feel your loss every moment of my life..

And Every time I close my eyes, I shall whisper your name…with faith that you’ll hear me…

Today, my soul aches profoundly, because I miss you ..

But I thank God for the blessing of sharing my life with you,

For being your twin; And never feeling alone, no matter where I was…

And I thank you, my beloved NEE…for granting me the honour of being with you as you took your last breath..

– I love you .,..from here to there and back again

Goodbyes are for those who love with their eyes.

Because for those who love with heart and soul… there is no such thing as separation. 

(read at her farewell 03.07.2013)

Musk Sticks for Dave Whatt

Musk Sticks for Dave Whatt

These are the delightful pink things this Wench has a penchant for.. amongst so many other things not pink!

Very Aussie and been around since.. well, long before I was born  o.O

Behind Closed Eyes…


Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes.Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation!



This defines my earlier Epiphany that Fortified The Bonds..

I would love to know the name of the Artist who produced this amazing moment…


I’ve been outrageously ridiculous; randomly ridiculous; drunkenly ridiculous; ‘having-a-blonde-moment ridiculous; frightfully ridiculous; deliriously ridiculous; hopefully ridiculous; honestly ridiculous; naively ridiculous (when the cynical misanthrope (me) got ridiculously drunk and left the room without warning)…….. *sighs*
BUT, as the sign says…..I gladly take all of the above any time to avoid even one moment of soporiferous commonness.. ordinary is so over rated!

The Goddesses of Weird and Wonderful

cara and lia rottnest on the boat 2012

FB1 & FB2 – Attitude plus – 2013

These two beautiful young women are my finest moments; I can see more, feel more, love more, fear more… laugh louder and still have faith in the world because of them..

And they teach me more about life and love every day.. I am blessed.  My cohorts in random acts of spontaneous silliness..  my confidants and  my warriors ..  weird and wonderful … I like them.  A lot.

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